The law offices represents small or large companies as well as individual both foreign or local and our legal services are covering :

Corporate Law
Our corporate law practice includes forming local company and their permits; preparing General Meeting of Shareholders (RUPS) or Circular Resolution to change the Articles of Association (Anggaran Dasar Perusahaan); handling the process of Merger and Acquisition, Consolidation as well Liquidation. Our offices also frequently gives advice to shareholders and directors regarding their rights and liabilities
Investments Law
Our investment law practice covering establishment foreign company and their legal permits or representative offices; technical assistance; management; licensing; franchising; and distribution arrangements. The establishment of a foreign company can include preparing an agenda and assisting in the financing, the employment of personnel, the renting of business premises, registration matters and contacts with authorities and organizations.
Insolvency & Bankruptcy Law
Our lawyer team would give advice in insolvency matters to individual or company creditors with financial problems, if a person or a company is declared bankrupt, the court will appoint a Receiver who is responsible for the company’s assets and the winding-up of the estate. As Receiver or Administrator in bankruptcy proceedings, our lawyers team have gained substantial experience in analyzing and evaluating a company’s financial situation.
Intellectual Property Law
Intellectual Property Rights (“IPR”) are covering Trade Mark; Copy Rights; Designed of Industry, Patents and other matters related IPR. We give advice and drafts contract for the protection and utilization of products and for the licensing of IPR. In disputes and in other issues related to these rights, our lawyers team represent clients in court and before other authorities.
Labor Law
Our law offices assists both Employers and Employees in the private labor market in drafting and interpreting Employment Contracts, preparing Working Agreements; Company Regulations; severance matters, pension funds, outsourcing arrangements, mandatory training and social security programs, as well as become mediator on labor dispute.
Marriage & Family Law
We provide clients to form Separate Wealth Agreement; and other Married Coupled Agreements as well as for any divorced matters.Our law offices also provide legal documents for any probate matters including wills, inheritance and estate.
Business & Commercial Law
Our law offices has extensive experience in representing indonesian parties and or foreign parties in negotiating and drafting various contracts such as cooperation agreements, distributorship agreements and agency agreements. Throughout the years, the law firm has also assisted in negotiating and drafting contracts in connection with the acquisition of companies. We as well handling any legal dispute on business activities.
Litigation Matters
Our lawyers team have experiences to represent clients in various and at any level of courts in Indonesia, both civil and criminal, including arbitration and commercial court for bankruptcy, IPR disputes and labor as well. We also provide legal opinion and service of foreign court documents; enforcement of arbitration award and litigation strategy.