Law Info

Our law offices always inform the clients about any up date Indonesian laws and regulations related their business activities such as the correlation regulation between Investment Law under UU No.25 Th 2007 and Labor Law under UU No.13 Th 2003 as follow :

Any investment companies shall priority in recruiting Workers those of Indonesian Citizen.
Any investment companies shall be entitled to use experts of foreign citizen on certain position and expertise in accordance with the rules of law.
Any investment companies are required to improve the competence of workers of Indonesian Citizen through work trainings pursuant to the rules of law.
Any investment companies employing foreign experts are required to provide trainings and transfer of technology to Workers of Indonesian Citizen pursuant to the rules.
Efforts shall be devoted to settle any industrial relation dispute with deliberation between any investment company and the workers.
If such efforts above fails to materialize, the settlement shall be made through three party mechanism.
If settlement above fails to materialize, such investment companies and their workers shall settle their industrial relation dispute through an industrial relation court.